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Community Events Calendar


Due to so many organizations holding fund raisers in the area, myself and the webmaster, have a Community Events Calendar on this Saint Johnsville website. As you know there is no place to go to find out who or when a scheduled event will occur.  Therefore the community might have two or three fund raisers going on at the same time. That means the benefit of the hard work preparing is cut in half or more for all. Advertising is not  the purpose of this page, It's main purpose is scheduling. If your organization wants to schedule a dinner on a certain date you can go to this calendar and see if another organization has a dinner already scheduled. If you wish to attach a flyer to your email the webmaster may be able to put it in as an attachment You can also add event information in the email and the webmaster will copy and paste it in the calendar. There is no guarantee that every organization will use this site.

Please send your info to

Mohawk River Masonic Charities Inc.

Masonic Lodge 611

24 Bridge Street

St. Johnsville, NY 13452




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