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And now a bit about Saint Johnsville

St. Johnsville was formed as a town at the division of Montgomery County on April 18, 1838. It is situated in the northwest corner of Montgomery County on the north bank of the Mohawk. East Canada Creek flows along its western border.

The Crum, Klock, Zimmerman, Timmerman, Caldwell and Mother creeks all flow in a southerly direction across the town and are absorbed by the Mohawk River. Upon East Canada Creek there is a succession of falls and rapids descending seventy-five feet in as many rods.
St. Johnsville has several points of interest; rich in history and others more recently developed for recreational purposes. The historical points of interest include:1747 Nellis Tavern, Fort Klock Historic Restoration, which offers many events each year, Palatine Church, Margaret Reaney Memorial Library and Museum, the Village Community House, and INn by the Mill Bed and Breakfast.
Recreational activities include boating, fishing, camping along the peaceful Mohawk River, diamond mining, hiking, biking and snowmobiling are also available for your enjoyment.